Friday, 15 July 2016

An Estate Agent’s Input is Valuable When Investing in Land for Sale

Investing in land can be deceptive, particularly for someone buying for the first time. Putting your money in an undeveloped land is sound, but you need to know how to go about it. So you want to buy a piece of land in Queensland and already have a budget in mind? Learn how to pick the real estate piece that is worthy of your time and money. The expertise of an estate agent will be useful when searching for land for sale in QLD. After establishing your requirements, whether it’s building a new home or commercial property, find out what other characteristics that matter.


The topography of the land is one of the most telling traits of its suitability. Elements such as soil type and grade, elevation, ravines, mountains and others will impact the quality of the land you intend to buy. A lot of these aspects will dictate how supportive a land’s structure is to infrastructure. For example, some types of soils will present problems when laying the foundation. If there are intentions to drill for water, a land with too many rocks will be a challenge. Consider factors like these when picking land for sale in Queensland.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Looking at Land for Sale: Blunders to Avoid in Raw Land Purchases

Buying raw land offers some different variables than putting money in a readymade property. There are numerous intricacies that a buyer must look at before making that final decision. Having the experience of an estate agent on standby is always a good idea when working a property deal. However, some mistakes are fairly common among buyers of raw land. Knowing the pitfalls to swerve when investing in undeveloped land for sale in Brisbane will give you better value for your money. Keep these “don’ts” in mind when looking at land.

Making Assumptions 

Never make assumptions. Don’t just take a look at a piece of land and assume you have everything you need to make a purchase decision. It is possible to tell only a few things at face value. You may be able to see that there is water or that the view is beautiful. A casual look will tell you if the land you intend to purchase is large enough for your development needs. What you can’t know is if that land is natural or man-made, if it is too rocky or too wet. A good study is necessary to learn about the investment you are considering. Doing research is helpful when looking for the best deals on Brisbane land for sale. Make comparisons between different offers.